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  • Study MBBS Worldwide is a leading study abroad consulting service in Kochi, Kerala, India. We help aspiring medical students from India and other countries to study MBBS in top universities abroad. We have over 10 years of experience in the study abroad industry and have helped thousands of students achieve their dream of becoming doctors.

We offer a range of comprehensive services to our students, e.g.

Evaluation of their academic qualifications and eligibility for MBBS programs abroad
Tips on the best countries and universities to study MBBS
Helping them with the application process
Visa accommodation arrangements
with pre-departure instructions
supporting them throughout their studies
Why study MBBS abroad?

There are many reasons why students choose to study MBBS abroad. Some common causes are:

For higher education in modern medical school
To learn in a multicultural environment
Access to international networking and networking opportunities
To save money on tuition
To give them a better chance of securing a place after graduation

How to choose the right country for you

There are a few things to consider while choosing a country to study MBBS abroad.

Your academic qualification: Make sure you meet the requirements for MBBS programs in the country of your interest.
Your budget: Tuition fees vary from state to state. Be sure to choose a country you can afford.
Personal preferences: Consider factors such as the country’s climate, culture and lifestyle when making your decision.

  • The guidance system The application process for MBBS programs abroad varies from country to country. However, here are some common practices: Submit transcripts and test results Application essay writing For letters of recommendation Administering an English proficiency test interview with the university visa and accommodation If you get accepted into an MBBS program abroad, you have to apply for a visa and seek accommodation. 
  • Visa requirements vary from country to country. You will need to contact the embassy or consulate of the country you are planning to study in for more information. Housing options for international students vary from country to country. 
  • You can stay in a university hostel, rent a room in a condominium, or live with a host family. Pre-departure presentation Before going to study MBBS abroad, it is important to attend the pre-departure orientation. 
  • This will help you prepare for studying and living in a new country. Orientation will cover topics such as visa requirements, currency exchange, cultural differences and travel. Help during your study Study MBBS Worldwide will provide you with support throughout your studies. 
  • We have a team of experienced advisors who can help you with any issues you may encounter. We will also keep you updated on the latest developments in medical education conclusion Studying MBBS abroad is a great way to get higher education and achieve your dream of becoming a doctor.
  •  MBBS Worldwide can help you make the process smooth and hassle-free. Please don’t talk to us

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