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About Armenia

Armenia, a country with breath-taking views and a rich historical background, is located at the crossroads of Asia and Europe. Armenia is considered to be part of Europe culturally, historically, and politically, but geographically it is in Asia.

Armenia is home to ancient monasteries, mediaeval churches, and archaeological sites. The majestic Mount Ararat dominates the skyline, symbolizing the country’s deep connection to its ancestral roots. The capital city, Yerevan, blends modern architecture with historical landmarks, vibrant markets, and a bustling café culture.

Armenia’s warm and welcoming people are proud of their traditions, arts, and cuisine, which includes delicious dishes like LavashDolma, and Armenian barbecue. From the stunning Dilijan National Park to the serene Lake Sevan, Armenia offers a tapestry of natural beauty and cultural treasures waiting to be explored.

The welcoming nature and high standards of living and education in Armenia are some considerable reasons to choose Armenia for higher studies, especially for studying MBBS abroad.

MBBS in Armenia

If you are someone who wishes to be a doctor and wants to achieve an MBBS degree from abroad, Armenia is a good choice, especially for Indian students. 

Armenia opens a vast ocean of opportunities in the medical field for Indian students with a world-class education within an affordable budget. 

Armenia has become the best country to study MBBS abroad and a most favourite choice of Indian students because of the high-quality universities and high standards of living in the country. 

Aspiring doctors can receive quality medical education and gain practical experience in a multicultural environment. Armenias rich history, picturesque landscapes, and warm hospitality further enhance the appeal for students seeking a unique and enriching medical education abroad. Armenian culture is very adaptive, and students feel more comfortable there.

MBBS candidates can work in India after completing their screening exams administered by MCI and FMGE. Additionally, many renowned doctors have graduated from Armenian universities and are working in renowned hospitals in the world.

MBBS in Armenia 2023-24

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Study MBBS in Armenia

Armenia has seen a constant increase in clinical job prospects, providing a promising environment for aspirant healthcare professionals. There is now a call for for certified scientific specialists as a result of tremendous adjustments to Armenia’s healthcare device that delivered it into compliance with worldwide requirements. The healthcare machine has gone through reforms, increasing the need for healthcare specialists such as physicians, surgeons, nurses, chemists, and allied fitness experts. 

Armenia’s scientific schooling, presented by means of esteemed Armenia medical university, is each reasonably priced and properly-seemed, making it an attractive alternative for students from all over the world. The nation encourages innovation by using funding medical research and improvement, further enhancing the recognition of Armenia scientific university packages.

 Armenia offers a supportive environment for pleasing medical careers with a determination to improving healthcare services and infrastructure. Opportunities for scientific specialists in Armenia are growing as the sector expands and modernizes, making studying MBBS in Armenia for Indian students a feasible and positive preference. These are the main features of MBBS University in Armenia

MBBS in Armenia 2023-24

Key features of MBBS in Armenia

  • Extremely low cost of study
  • Cost of living is very lower
  • High-quality of education
  • US based curriculum
  • Worldwide accepted MBBS degree
  • English is the medium of teaching
  • No entrance fee
  • No donations
  • No hidden costs
  • Study with scholarships
  • Good exposure for the students
  • Easy admission process

Requirements of MBBS in Armenia for Indian Students

Duration6 years (5 year degree + 1 year internship)
RecognitionWHO, NMC, WDOMS & other medical councils
Qualification50% in PCB

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